St. John St. James Church, Roxbury

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History: St. James Episcopal Church

St. John St. James was created in the 1960s as the merger of St. John's on Tremont Street, Roxbury Crossing, and St. James on St. James Street, near Washington Street, Roxbury. The maps and photos below provide a look at St. James Episcopal Church.

St. James Episcopal Church by Allan R. Crite, 1940

St. James Episcopal Church, by Allan R. Crite, 1940. View from Washington Street under the elevated orange line tracks. Used with permission from Boston Athenaeum.

St. James Street, 1931 Postcard

St. James Episcopal Church was on St. James Street, near Washington Street, in Roxbury. This map from 1931, from the website shows the church location. The postcard shows the church (postcard courtesy of Warren Steel).

St. James Street, 1931

Today, as shown in this current map also from the website, St. James Place is a new street, with rows of mixed income affordable townhouses, takes the place that was once the church. The former church was torn down as part of urban renewal in the 1960s.

December 7, 2019