St. John St. James Church, Roxbury

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About the Study Group Series

St. John St. James is starting a community ministry study group, which will be once a month after church, during coffee time, starting Sunday, December 8th. The first topic will be "Loaves and Fishes Economics," looking at themes in the Bible about wealth and money.

The topics for the study group series will be about our faith inspires us to look at current issues, and also about what people of faith are doing in the world to address various community issues. As we go along, we can look at a variety of topics, such as environmental issues, immigration, affordable housing, income inequality or other topics. We'll take a positive approach to all these issues --- not to feel guilty or worried -- but to look at how the Bible helps us really think deeply about different issues and about what positive things churches and individuals are doing in the world.

The schedule will be once a month, on the second Sunday of each month, or, if that is a holiday, the third Sunday. Here is a schedule from now through May.

December 4, 2019